Welcome to our Future of Ireland project, a research initiative from OMD Ireland, supported by our partners, Ulster Bank.

At OMD our philosophy has always been built on Insights, Ideas and Results. Over recent months we have been talking to people across the country looking to understand how they feel about Ireland today and what their hopes, aspirations and concerns are for the future.

The Future of Ireland project helps us to understand and interpret the changes that lie ahead. This is the third phase - and we will be adding information onto the website regularly - so please come back to visit us and join in the conversation @omd_fire! Download the 2017 report below.



All photographs for the ‘Future of Ireland’ project, by David Gerulis. © OMD & Amárach Research, the content of this report may be used and republished freely once The Future of Ireland OMD Report is credited.


The research strand of the Future of Ireland study was conducted by Amárach Research. Amárach ran 10 focus groups throughout Ireland comprising a cross-section of the adult population. Participants in the groups completed a diary before attending the groups, designed to capture their hopes and fears about the future, and were encouraged to bring along a ‘symbol’ of the future of Ireland to the groups. Amárach then conducted a nationally representative, online survey of 1,000 adults designed to quantify the main themes and ideas emerging from the groups.

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